Left In Lockdown - DCP Survey Results

15 September 2020

Back in May, the Disabled Children's Partnership, of which SMA UK is a member, ran a survey to understand more about the impact the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown was having on disabled children and young people (aged up to 25), their siblings and parents.

Over 4,000 people completed the survey, the full results of which are available to read here.

Overwhelmingly, respondents shared how they felt locked out and abandoned by Government and by society, and how this was having an impact on their own physical and mental health. In a lot of cases, care and support that parents and carers previously relied upon had stopped altogther.

The campaign, however, told such a clear story that the DCP were able to use it to help raise much-needed awareness of the challenges faced by disabled children and their families, gaining widespread coverage in national and local media, across TV, radio and newspapers, as well as on social media.

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