SMA UK Art Competition

Winners Announced!

We’re delighted to announce the winners and runners-up in the SMA UK Art Competition, which took place over May half-term. Thank you to everyone who entered; the standard was very high and we loved seeing your creations. Thanks also to our judges, Justine Boussard and Alice McLean who made some tough decisions!

Under 12s

Winner: Paper Plates Monsters by Lynden, aged 3 (both plates together)

We absolutely loved these plates by Lynden. They are so full of life they look like they might jump off the wall and do a dance. This is a very creative use of materials from around the house. We're pretty sure one of them winked at us. 


Runner-up: Hedgehog by Daisy, aged 9

This sculpture of a hedgehog has a lot of personality. With just a few sticks, some paper and a paintbrush, this shy animal has been brought to life with a lot of style. 


Over 12s

Winner: Serenity, by Sanah,
aged 23

Art and creativity can help us through challenging times, and this is a great example. We loved the contrast between the bright, jazzy colours of the edges, and the softness of the protective leaves around the central figure, showing us we can still find serenity within us.


Runner-up: Painted stones, by Gabriella, aged 13

This is a fantastic collection of painted stones that would brighten anyone's day. The paint work is precise and colours used to great effect.  We particularly loved the humour of the olive and avocado stones.

Who Were The Judges?

Alice is a jewellery artist, Specialist Art Instructor at Bethlem Royal Hospital and Creative Mentor and Project Manager with the Creative Mentors Foundation.

Justine is an independent Curator who has worked with the Crafts Council, the Design Museum and British Council amongst many others.