Your Fundraising Tools

You can find out more about setting up Tribute or SMArt Fund here.  If you are joining in with one of our fundraisers, make sure to get in touch for your free fundraising pack; this should include all you need. If you are taking part in an event, you may want to request an SMA  UK running vest or set up a Just Giving fundraising page. You can also download or request anything listed on this page. Email us or phone 01789 267 520.

Leaflets and posters about SMA and our work

We have a range that you can use so that you can let your family, friends, school, workplace and local community know what you are doing and why.

Download or request here

Downloadable Party Bunting

Brighten up your SMA Support UK fundraising event by downloading and making your own bunting. Simply print the triangles in colour, single sided, cut around them, make two holes in the top of each triangle and thread through some string! 

Download bunting

Handy Hints if you are running your own fundraiser

We have put together some advice and notes about any regulations or other things you might want to consider.

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Request a collection tin

If you are running a stall or approaching a local shop, pub or business to ask them to host a tin, we can send one or more tins out to you along with guidelines.

Order here

Sponsorship Form

If you prefer to hand round a form for people to make their pledge, this is for you.

Download form

Donation Envelopes

From time to time, we hear from supporters who wish to collect donations at birthdays, weddings and funerals. Our envelopes will help to make this as easy as possible.

Order here

Gift Aid Declaration Form

Your generous donation will go even further if you complete a Gift Aid Declaration. If you haven't already signed up for gift aid, you can do so using this form.

Download Form