Adult Insight Group (AIG)

What is the AIG?

Everybody living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy needs support at some point in life. Being an adult is certainly no different.

From care assessments, to getting a new wheelchair, to chest infections, to work and even holidays - there's plenty to deal with.

The Adult Insight Group offers a way to get answers and understanding from others living with SMA. It’s been facilitated since 2016 by Martyn Sibley, who has SMA Type 2. The AIG are keen to offer their support to others, by tackling issues and raising awareness of the challenges faced by those living with SMA. The AIG has regular contact with SMA UK, working together in support of the SMA Community.  

Whether from the private Facebook group, quarterly video chat, or ad hoc face-to-face meetings, the AIG has helped many adults overcome life’s barriers. Most importantly it’s a great way to meet others with the same condition.

Here’s what some of those already involved say about the group:

“To learn and grow from each other. To share the ups and downs where others understand and give support and courage. Love this group

“A safe place to ask for and give advice. A community who have knowledge and understanding that you can rarely find in day to day life.”

Interested in becoming part of the AIG?

To find out more, please phone our Shared Experience Co-ordinator on 01789 267 520, or complete the form here.