Accessible Housing Crisis

18 November 2020

The government is currently consulting on options to make new homes in England more accessible for older and disabled people. The Housing Made for Everyone (HoME) coalition is calling for urgent action to tackle the UK’s accessible housing crisis by raising the mandatory building standards.

Urgent action needed on accessible housing

The coalition of charities and housing organisations is urging the public to back their proposal for better homes. It is calling specifically for the government to raise building standards to make the ‘accessible and adaptable’ design standard the mandatory baseline for all new homes.

Consultation closes on 1st December

The government is now consulting on its long-awaited proposals to raise standards, so that all new homes are built to better meet the needs of current and future generations of older and disabled people. 

Individuals and organisations can have their say by responding to the consultation, which takes the form of an online survey, before the closing date of 1st December.

To help people respond to the survey and make their voices heard, the coalition has created a word document (HoME coalition guide and consultation responses) with background information and suggested responses which you can download from their webpage here 

Complete the survey