Disability Benefits Consortium - Pandemic Poverty Report

03 February 2021

The Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) comprises more than 100 national and regional organisations, including SMA UK, that represent disabled people and their families.

Today, the DBC has launched their report - ‘Pandemic Poverty: stark choices facing disabled people on legacy benefits’ - which brings together the findings of their survey on how the pandemic has impacted disabled people’s finances and highlights the need to extend the Universal Credit £20 uplift to legacy benefits, and to make it permanent.

The report shows:

  • The vast majority (82%) said they had spent more than they normally would since the Covid-19 crisis began
  • Two-thirds (66%) said they had to go without essentials like food, heating or medication as a result of increased costs since the Covid-19 crisis began
  • Nearly half (44%) said they had fallen behind on critical financial commitments like rent, mortgage payments, or household bills

At the beginning of March, the Chancellor will present the Budget. This report, and other findings from the DBC, shows why he must extend the £20 uplift to disabled people on legacy benefits.

You can read the press release here, and read the full report here.