Invitation to take part in an in-depth research interview

22 July 2022

Invitation to take part in an in-depth research interview

Adept Field Solutions, a healthcare market research company, are working on behalf of a pharmaceutical company to arrange in-depth interviews with a small number of adults (age 18 years and over) who have SMA Type 2 or 3.

Participants should be living in the UK and currently receiving one of the two SMA drug treatments now available via the NHS for adults who have SMA Type 2 or 3.

The research objectives of this study are as follows: 

  • Gain patient and caregiver feedback on their experiences of the current SMA treatment landscape in the UK, as well as their overall care
  • Investigate patient and caregiver unmet needs as it relates to the holistic treatment of SMA
  • Explore to what extent patient and caregivers have knowledge and expectations of future treatment options for SMA

Following a brief screening interview to ensure eligibility, participants may be invited to participate in an in-depth interview which will take the following format:

Methodology: 60 min web-assisted telephone in-depth interview (WATDI)

Incentive: A payment is payable to people completing the in-depth interview (more detail will be given at screening stage)

Language: English

Moderation: by Adept

Schedule: Screening interviews as soon as possible.

In-depth interviews to take place during the week beginning 15th August 2022.   

Closing date for interest: recruitment will stop when the quota is completed, but please do contact as soon as possible.

For people who participate in an in-depth interview, the name of the pharmaceutical company will be shared with you at the end.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Steven at Adeptfield: who will contact you directly to explain more.