Open Inclusion: New Survey

09 August 2021

Open Inclusion provide services in market research, user insight, innovation and service design:

"We help businesses understand and access the market segments they may otherwise be missing, especially those with access needs such as people with permanent, temporary or situational impairments or of advanced age."

-Open Inclusion

They've recently launched a survey from a global technology company wishing to learn about disabled viewers' experiences of online video and television / streaming platforms. 

They wish to hear from a wide range of different people, including people with SMA. By joining the Open panel, you'll be sent the link to complete the survey and will have the opportunity to take part in future paid research projects.

All research is opt-in only so you can ignore any formats or topics you're less interested in and just engage in those you wish to in future. All research is paid and is strictly managed to GDPR requirements and the MRS Code of Conduct. 

This current survey closes 20th August.

Join the panel