Open Style Lab: Research Study About How Design Impacts Disability

19 July 2021

Open Style Lab (OSL) is an award-winning nonprofit organisation in the US with a mission to make style and fashion accessible. They are currently running a longitudinal research study about how design impacts disability and are looking for female participants to be interviewed. 

For this research, OSL is looking for physically disabled women to participate in interviews about style, design, and self-expression. The interview will take place on ZOOM and should be around 15-30 minutes. 

To take part, Email: with the subject: OSL research 

Or pick a time on Yasmin's calendly: 

Download the poster


  • Please can you describe your disability? Which parts of your body are affected? 
  • How do you get dressed?  (identify the stage/process of dressing)
  • What is the most frustrating piece of clothing to get on? (can you find a link example)
  • Is there an item of clothing you wish you could wear but can’t? (Link example)
  • What’s the last thing you wore at a social event? How did it make you feel? (wedding, thanks-giving, reunion, etc)
  • Can you describe a time when you last felt empowered in what you wore? (What piece of clothing/accessories do you feel empowered when you wear it?)
  • Did you notice any recent advertisements and social media images that you felt you could relate to?
  • When you think about your relationship with clothing, what are three words that come to mind?