Please Help Us To Find Suitable Event Venues

28 August 2019

To support all of our upcoming one-day events, we're looking for new accessible venues which are easy to reach by road and, if possible, train networks.

They need to have:

  • Level access into and inside the buidling
  • Plenty of on site parking
  • At least two large meeting rooms (capacity 100+ each)
  • Disabled toilet with room for powerchair access
  • Accessible bedroom with accessible bathrom (which we can use as a changing room) or a Changing Places-type facility

For 2020, we're particularly looking for venues, in England, in the south east and the north.

We're also looking for a future family weekend event venue, as we've outgrown Ettington Chase Hotel.

Do you know of any venue(s) with capacity for up to 300? The venue needs all features as for the 'one-day event' (please see above), plus:

  • A good range of accessible meeting rooms
  • A range of bedroom facilities on site, including several accessible bedrooms / bathrooms
  • Lift to all floors
  • Accessible dining area(s)

If you have any venue ideas at all for either the one-day events, or family weekend events, please email 

Thank you!