Research Project: Participation of Children in the Decisions about their Health

15 November 2021

Radoš Keravica is conducting this PhD research project on disabled children’s participation in healthcare decision-making at the Centre of Disability Studies, University of Leeds. 

What Radoš says:

"What is the research about?

Through this research, I wish to learn to what extent disabled children participate in decisions related to their medical treatments and whether they face any barriers to participation in these kinds of decisions.

Why is this important?

Participation in all decisions important for children’s lives is their right. For children to whom some medical treatments are proposed may be quite important to receive medical information in an accessible and understandable way and to have the chance to ask questions and express their views.

Disabled children’s and parents’ experiences of participation in decisions about children’s health will help me to create recommendations for healthcare institutions and professionals on the best ways to inform and support children to take part in these decisions.

Who can participate?

The invitation is open for disabled children and young people aged 10 to 22 from England who were involved in some form of orthopaedic treatments in their childhood, and for their parents or carers.

The participation in research will entail an online individual interview or group discussion with disabled children and young people and online individual interviews with parents of disabled children lasting no longer than 1 hour."

If you'd like to find out more or take part, please email or call 07367 886681

All research participants (children, young people and their parents) will receive a shopping voucher worth £20 as a thank you gift and a token of appreciation for their time.

Download the poster