Respond to PEEPs (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans) Consultation

23 June 2021

Back in May, we added our support to this open letter from Disability Rights UK to the Government requesting urgent action to: protect the lives of disabled people in the event of fire; prevent disabled leaseholders being forced to leave adapted homes; ensure that disabled leaseholders are not impacted by the costs of remedial safety works. 

The Government is now running a consultation seeking views on new proposals to implement the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 recommendations on Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (known as 'PEEPs') in high-rise residential buildings for disabled people and those who have health conditions. It contains proposals to implement the recommendations that require a change in law to place new requirements on owners or managers of multi-occupied high-rise residential buildings.

Sarah, who has SMA, is part of Claddag - a Leaseholder Disability Action Group and group of residents who are disabled or have health conditions and are living in homes affected by the cladding and building safety crisis. You can see Sarah, and others, speaking about it here.

What Claddag say about the PEEPs consultation:

"The consultation on evacuation plans (known as ‘PEEPs’) has a short window for response. We know there will be a lot of opposition and so it is vital that disabled individuals, allies, MPs, DDPOs and charities make their voices heard. We need as many responses as possible.

We are simply asking for:

  • PEEPs for every disabled resident
  • PEEPs must be the responsibility of the Responsible Person
  • PEEPs must be clear and accessible
  • PEEPs must be secure and up-to-date"

They have written a draft response which you can use to help when responding to the consultation - download it here.

More about the consultation

Online form to respond

The consultation is open until 19 July 2021.