The Disabled Children’s Partnership’s (DCP) Survey of Children’s Services Reveals a Dismal Picture

05 July 2018

The Disabled Children’s Partnership’s (DCP) survey of children’s services reveals a dismal picture

On 28 June, the DCP  published the results of their survey on the quality of health and social care services.  Over 1,500 surveys were completed by families.

The main survey findings were:

65% of family members think the quality of social care services has got worse over the past few years
75% of family members surveyed think the quality of health services has got worse over the past few years
45% of family members said they are aware of specific plans to reduce social care of health services in their area

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A lack of quality services can hamper a child’s development. This is why the DCP is calling upon central government to provide ministerial leadership and provide dedicated funding for disabled children’s services.