Updates on Covid vaccinations for children aged over 12 years

04 August 2021

The government has updated its Green Book guidance (see page 17) with more detailed information about which children aged 12-15 years are eligible for a Covid vaccine.

It now states that children with severe neuro-disability and/or neuromuscular conditions that compromise respiratory function are eligible for vaccination. This includes "conditions (such as cerebral palsy, autism and muscular dystrophy) that may affect swallowing and protection of the upper airways, leading to aspiration, and reduce the ability to cough and resulting overall in increased susceptibility to respiratory infections."  Contact further explains categories here and has an FAQs page about vaccines for children .

Also, the Scottish government has confirmed that children and young people with certain conditions will be offered the Pfizer vaccine before the majority of schools return on 16 August. The vaccine will now be offered to around 4,000 affected children and young people in Scotland. In addition, children and young people aged 12-17 years who are household contacts of an immunosuppressed individual will receive the vaccine. Contact has further information here.

The information on this page covers all the latest updates that we currently have, but if you'd like to speak with a member of our support team you can call the office 01789 267520 or email office@smauk.org.uk