Latest NICE Community Update re Nusinersen

12 November 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

This latest SMA Community update from NICE doesn't give a decision yet but states that talks are still progressing.

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Universal Credit and Universal Support

01 November 2018 / Posted in: Information, Support

The charity Turn2Us have written an article explaining how people claiming Universal Credit can get help through Universal Support which enables them to make a claim and manage ongoing payments.

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Biogen Statement to SMA Community re: EAP for SMA Type 1 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

01 November 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

Despite our urgent request, Biogen has not extended the cut off for this programme to 1st December. It ends now for any newly diagnosed infants. Read their community statement here.

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Update on Access to Nusinersen

26 October 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

Thank you to the patient and clinical experts who strongly advocated for access to nusinersen at NICE’s committee meeting this week; to clinicians, families and adults who: expressed their views in their submissions to NICE; wrote letters to MPs, NICE, NHS England and Biogen; were there on the day.

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SMA UK Social Media Pages SMA UK Social Media Pages

25 October 2018 / Posted in: Help Us

As the merger has now taken place, we have updated our social media pages to 'SMA UK'. For anyone who was following The SMA Trust, please now make sure you are following SMA UK's pages.

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Survey About The Impact Of Physiotherapy

24 October 2018 / Posted in: Information

An A-Level student is running this survey to find out to what extent physiotherapy improves the quality of life for those with SMA compared to other care pathways.

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Autumn/Winter Events Feedback

24 October 2018 / Posted in: Support

If you have attended one of our Autumn/Winter Social Events so far we hope you had an enjoyable day. We would like your feedback and have put together a short survey to gather your views.

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Campaign for the Government to put Children at the Heart of its Spending Plans

23 October 2018 / Posted in: Information

We support this campaign which shows there is compelling evidence that the services and support that children and young people rely on are at breaking point.

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Project Move

22 October 2018 / Posted in: Information

Project Move is an exciting joint venture between Alder Hey and The University of Liverpool looking at redesigning and modernising children’s powered wheelchairs. Find out how you could get involved by attending their event.

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AveXis Community Update on Submitting their Application for AVXS-101

19 October 2018 / Posted in: Treatments & Research

AveXis yesterday submitted their regulatory applications for AVXS-101 in the U.S., Europe and Japan for use in infants with SMA Type 1. This is an important initial step toward the potential approval of AVXS-101, a gene replacement therapy candidate for the treatment of the underlying root cause of SMA.

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