Children with SMA and Covid 19 - Spanish Study

06 January 2021

A study by the Spanish Society for Pediatric Neurology of a small number of children with SMA who caught COVID-19 concludes that, "The course of COVID-19 in children with neuromuscular disorders may not be as severe as expected…". The authors do though advise that their study, "has several limitations worth noting”. 

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health advise that children do not appear to have any increased risk of severe infection in relation to this new variant than the previous strains of coronavirus. So the majority of children and young people with SMA are seen to be in the vulnerable and not the ‘extremely’ vulnerable group who have been recommended to shield. RCPCH also advises discussions between families and specialist clinicians about individual children's vulnerability.

Everyone should still follow government advice because there is still much we don’t know. Each family will have their own considerations so it is important for families to discuss both their situation and individual child's health and vulnerability with their neuromuscular team and agree an appropriate strategy.