Have you visited a genetic service within the NHS? Could you share your opinions for research?

05 December 2018

Researchers are conducting a study to explore people’s views about how patient data could be used as part of future genomic medicine services in the NHS.

They are inviting people who have used genetic (or ‘genomic’) services in the NHS within the last 2 years to take part in group discussions. The date has been set for Monday 14th January 2019 at the Rutland Hotel in Sheffield (10am to 5pm).

To take part in this event you should be:

  • a parent or carer of someone who has used genetic/genomic services in the NHS
  • aged 18 or over (but the person you care for can be any age)
  • live in easy travelling distance of Sheffield

If you are interested in taking part, then please click here or contact Lamiece Hassan at The Unviersity of Manchester to find out more (email: Lamiece.hassan@manchester.ac.uk or phone 0161 275 1160).

Participants will receive a payment as reimbursement for their time and travel. This study has been approved by one of the National Health Service Research Ethics Committees.

Download the poster