Roche Update: SUNFISH Trial Not Going Ahead In The UK

14 June 2018

We have received the following update from Roche about the SUNFISH study, investigating RG7916 in people with SMA Types 2 or 3:

"In the last few weeks we have seen a rapid increase of recruitment into the SUNFISH study. All available screening slots in SUNFISH have now been allocated by the active study centres, which means that no new sites and countries will be activated for SUNFISH.

We understand that this is disappointing for those patients who could not be included, as well as for countries and sites like the UK that were waiting to join the study but are now not able to. 

For the RG7916 programme, completing recruitment is an important part of the process. However we do understand that this news may be frustrating for those who were waiting to participate. Unfortunately, it is not an option to expand the numbers of patients in SUNFISH. The study protocol including a pre-defined number of patients has been agreed with Health Authorities and Ethics Committees."

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