SMA UK’s Trust Board makes Research Strategy and Funding decisions

21 November 2019

Over the next five years (2019 – 2024), SMA UK will support projects related to its new research strategy via the following mechanisms: 

  • A grant of up to £30,000 a year to support our SMA PhD Partnership with MDUK which will fund up to two 4-year SMA related PhD studentships.  
  • A pledge of £25,000 a year towards SMA Europe’s call which takes place every two years and funds research that is peer reviewed and selected by the SMA Europe Scientific Advisory Board.

During this strategy period, we do not plan to make further ‘one-off’ grants to support research.

In 2019 / 20, we also made the grants listed below:

  • Treat-NMD UK SMA Patient Registry: £10,000. SMA Support UK has funded the registry since its inception in 2007. Given the changes taking place as to how the various registries will all work together, this will be reviewed at the end of February 2020.
  • Research Consortium Coordinator: £15,000. This is an addition to the SMA Trust’s funding of the consortium (January 2016: £1.3m over 3 years) to assist with ensuring sustainability of the developments to date.
  • Study led by Dr. Melissa Bowerman, Keele University: £14,000 to assess whether a commercially available drug targeting metabolism could be a potential treatment for SMA, when given in combination with a gene therapy. The project is already partly funded by MDUK and has been reviewed by Action Medical Research (AMR). This is the final part of the required funding.

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