The SMA Foundation And Myriad RBM Launch SMA Biomarker Panel

05 April 2012

The SMA Foundation and Myriad RBM have announced the launch of SMA-MAP, a biomarker assay panel for SMA. Using their unique, patented technology, RBM have designed a standardised set of tests to assess the levels of protein biomarkers specific to SMA, which can be used to evaluate disease severity and stage of progression. A tool such as this will be extremely valuable for use in clinical trials to determine the efficacy of potential new treatments for the disease.

In January of this year, it was announced that RBM would be processing plasma (the liquid component of blood) samples from SMA patients collected in the previously performed, multicentre Biomarkers for SMA (BforSMA) clinical study, which was conducted by BG Medicine and sponsored by the SMA Foundation.

Using these samples, a set of candidate biomarkers was identified, which were then either confirmed or rejected by testing of additional samples collected by the Pediatric Neuromuscular Clinical Research Network in a longitudinal study of SMA.

The use of SMA-MAP will allow clinical researchers to assess the levels of 27 different validated SMA biomarkers.

This collaborative effort is complementary to the NeuroNEXT initiative to identify SMA biomarkers, recently reported on for the trust (SMA Biomarker Study To Be Launched This Spring).

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