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The Government’s advice on education and child care during coronavirus is published here (scroll down to see the full range of documents). It includes guidance for parents and carers of children at registered nurseries and childminders, primary and secondary schools and further education colleges.

Concerns about attending school

Many parents whose child has SMA may be concerned about them attending school, especially if they have previously been shielding (before this was paused). If so, talk to your child’s medical team or GP about how SMA affects your child and any health concerns you / they have about attending school. 

Contact (for families with disabled children) publish UK-wide education updates  and provide advice and support for parents who have concerns about returning to school.  You can listen to their podcast which discusses concerns experienced by other parents.

The charity Wellchild also have information for parents about sc hools reopening, including what happens if shielding resumes (or is unpaused). You can read a summary of their webinar (20th August) which discussed key 'back to school concerns'.

Government advice for schools includes details of safe working measures along with guidance to support schools prepare for full opening in the autumn term.

Exams and Qualifications

Information is published about taking exams during the coronavirus outbreak, along with some Q and As for students about GCSE, AS, A level and other qualifications in 2020.

More information and Support: 

Social Care

Local authorities' duties under the Children's Act 1989 remain in place. These include the duties to assess and arrange provision to support disabled children's needs while they are under 18, and the needs of their carers. However, the government has eased the obligations under the Care Act 2014 (and previous Acts) around young people's transition to adult services. 

People coming into your home to support you:

Personal Assistants (PAs), carer and care workers must stay away if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19. You can find further advice in this section.

We are very aware that people who employ their own PAs and families who rely on grandparents and other help face worrying times if any of them fall ill. If possible, try to have an alternative list of people who can help you with your care if your main carer becomes unwell. You can also contact your local council for advice on how to access alternative care.

NHS Continuing Health Care

Provisions in the Coronavirus Act 2020 allow NHS bodies to postpone NHS CHC assessments until the end of the emergency period. The organisation Beacon explains what the changes mean for families who are in, or may be entering, the CHC system. Although written with an adult audience in mind, it may be helpful to read - find out more.