Easter Virtual Balloon Race

We are joining forces with Ecoracing this Easter and offering you the chance to win a fantastic prize by taking part in a Virtual Balloon Race which launches at 12pm on Sunday 4th April from Jerusalem Old City.

You can enter the race by purchasing a balloon for just £3 and the balloons which travel the furthest will win prizes!

First Prize - £500 cash
Second Prize - Apple iPad

Plus 10 x runner up prizes of a £10 book token

You can buy as many balloons as you like and each balloon can be customised to the size, shape and helium composition of your choice to increase your chance of winning.  Plus you can have fun decorating your balloon with colours, patterns and a personalised message! You can also opt to buy a balloon as a gift by purchasing an activation code and inviting a friend to customise their own.

Click here to enter the race and purchase your balloons

What is a Virtual Balloon Race?

The race takes place in real time and the balloons are affected by the actual weather conditions over the 7 days but they only fly high in the sky virtually and in our imagination, so your eco-friendly balloon simply disappears upon completing its journey, wherever that may be. Once your virtual balloon has been “released” from Jerusalem Old City, you can follow its progress on the Ecoracing website until the race concludes on 11th April. The race will feature balloons from a number of charities, all competing to see whose will get the furthest!

More information can be found on the Ecoracing website or if you have any questions please contact our Fundraising Team on 01789 267520 or email fundraising@smauk.org.uk