Elsie and her Wizzybug

Until we were introduced to our outreach worker from SMA Support UK we were unaware of all the possibilities out there to help Elsie explore her surroundings.

Thanks to Designability and SMA Support UK, Elsie is receiving a Wizzybug in January. She has had a few 'driving lessons' in one at the hospital to ensure she passes her test with flying colours when we attend the assessment day.

Currently, Elsie yells and gets very frustrated when we leave the room. Having the Wizzybug will enable her to come and find us, as other 2 year olds do.

People only see the outside of what life is like with a child who has SMA. They see that they are bright and intelligent and yes 'they look just like other children'. We've even had people tell us how worried they are about their child's speech after spending time with Elsie who is very articulate for her age. What they don't see is the heartache that we go through, having to make our baby, for whom we want the world to be perfect, understand that no matter how much they want to stand up or walk, nothing we can do can make it happen.

This is why we are so grateful for the lifeline that the Wizzybug will provide our little girl with. She will be able to have some sense of the independence that her friends have and won't just have to shout to get what she wants. As you can see from the video, we've got a way to go until she's got her licence but she's a good learner and will go far. 

Watch Elsie learning to drive her Wizzybug

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