Information Production Policy

Through our publications we aim for people affected by SMA to be as informed as possible in order to communicate effectively with medical and other professionals regarding their choice of care and treatment, for themselves or their children.

We also aim to provide them and the professionals supporting them with information about current services and sources of reliable, up to date information. We hope this will enable families and individuals to make informed choices about their treatment options, play an active role in their care, and plan for the future.

SMA Support UK is committed to producing good high quality information that meets the needs of its target audiences. We are committed to ensuring that all the information covered by the scope of our Information Production System meets the requirement of the Information Standard.

Publications that are covered by the scope of the Information Production System include our information sheets and route map pages that give health and social care information. Publications that are not covered by the scope of the Information Production System are: E-News; children’s story books and third party publications distributed by SMA Support UK, for example The SMA Standards of Care. Articles that give therapy or treatment information that appear in our 'Inspirations' Magazine or in our website Research section are covered by the Information Standard as are any health/social care information statements that appear in any of our promotional literature. Other content in our promotional literature, 'Inspirations' magazine or our Research section is not covered. You may wish to see a full list of all our Current and Planned Publications.

We are grateful to our Writers and Reviewers Panel who assist us with our publications and are variously health and social care professionals, medical experts in their field and members of the SMA community.

We aim to make our publications as accessible as possible. For this reason they are free. All our information sheets are available as downloads from our information website pages.

Hard copies of our information publications can be ordered and posted out by the Support Services team. Please go to our Publications Order Form.

We are committed to reviewing all information materials for their continuing suitability and to updating them as necessary. All publications are subject to document control, which is further explained in our procedures document.

SMA Support UK is committed to ensuring that all those involved in producing information within the scope of the Information Standard are aware of, and comply with, this policy statement and the requirements of the standard. We are committed to maintaining records to show our compliance with the policy statement and its implications. These records include acknowledgement of the policy statement and its implications by all those involved in producing information.


February 2016