Toys for Children Newly Diagnosed with SMA 

Our Multisensory Toy Packs are available, free of charge.

They include items that provide visual, tactile and auditory stimulation. They have been designed to offer entertainment during the day, fun at bath time and comfort at bedtime. They are suitable for infants aged up to 12 months of age, who are living in the UK.

The packs can be delivered by an Outreach Worker in conjunction with a home visit or sent by courier, whichever is most appropriate.

If your child is older or you already have these sorts of toys we may still be able to offer you support to access suitable toys.

To request a Multisensory Toy Pack or ask about help to access other toys, please contact the Support Services team by phoning 01789 267 520 or email us.

You may also find it helpful to read our guide: Toys, Play and Activities for Babies and Young Children who have SMA. You can order a colour booklet copy here.

Please note: the contents may vary due to availability.


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