New Ventures & Projects

SMA UK does not review or endorse any of the projects or ventures advertised in these pages and accepts no responsibility or liability for them. We regret we do not advertise anyone's personal fundraising efforts for medical interventions, equipment or attending clinical trials. This applies to people from both the UK and overseas. SMA UK reserves the right to decline an advertising request.

If you are interested in any of the projects or ventures please make contact with the person directly.


Britain's Got Talent!

Keep your eyes peeled on the TV as Christian Bandicoot, who has SMA, will be on Britain's Got Talent in March / April 2020 as the Laidback Comedian! Christian is hoping to share his experiences of living with SMA and wants to "show the world exactly what we're capable of!"


Funding for Project to help Children With SMA in Belarus

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Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Documentary Film: 'The Cure?'

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