Overseas Challenges

For intrepid adventurers and travellers, there is a huge range of overseas challenges that you can take part in to raise money for SMA UK.

Take a look at the Global Adventure Challenges website to get some more inspiration or take a look at our list of walks & treks.

One example is Trevor and Matt's Husky Trail where they went about sledging 250 kilometres and raised an amazing £11,006.76!

How can I get a place?
If you are interested in an overseas challenge and know of one that would suit you, email us or phone 01789 267 520.

What then?
Once you have secured your place, you can set up a Just Giving fundraising page and send your family, friends and colleagues the link so that they can support you. You can find out more about how our online fundraising pages work here. Visit our fundraising tools page for more inspiration. We are always happy to advise and support you in any way we can. 

Thank you!

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