We are very aware how difficult it can be to raise money for much needed equipment or other needs and projects.

We will always be happy to provide any advice we can about possible funding avenues that people can explore. Please do make contact and we will help as much as we can.


Sometimes people choose to publicise what they are trying to achieve and set up web-based platforms to raise money (examples are ‘Go Fund Me’ and ‘Crowd Funding’). This can work well and we certainly know of people who have achieved their goal this way. For us as a registered charity however, they present two major issues:

  • Though many people demonstrate clear evidence of their need and the cost of what they are aiming for, this is not required by the web-based platforms and the mechanism is therefore open to abuse
  • Though many people will later post evidence of their purchase or the outcome that has been achieved because of the funding, there is no requirement to do this by the web-based platforms so there is no accountability to the people who have made donations

When we are asked to post a personal campaign we do not have the resources to undertake these very important checks. Nor would we wish to judge which campaigns are ‘worthy’ and which less so.

For these reasons we regret we are unable to endorse people’s personal funding campaigns set up on web-based platforms and promoted via social media.

Thank you for your understanding.