Scientific Research Correspondent

Dr James Sleigh took up this role in June 2011 when, for his PhD, he was researching what causes the motor neurons to degenerate in SMA. He has proved his ability to write accessible reports on the latest SMA research findings and has continued with this role as a Senior Research Fellow.

More about James Sleigh

Hello! I am a researcher at the University College London, and have been involved with SMA research since 2007.

I did my first degree in Biology at the University of Bath, which included a year working in a laboratory at Harvard University in Boston, MA, USA, where I first studied SMA. I then completed my PhD in Oxford with Kevin Talbot and Kay Davies, where I studied what causes motor neurons to be selectively affected by the disease.

I now run my own small laboratory at University College London, where I research causes of motor and sensory nerve degeneration in a range of nervous system diseases similar in many ways to SMA.

As your Research Correspondent, I write short articles on new findings in SMA research and provide updates on the latest developments in SMA clinical trials.

I also attend scientific research conferences on behalf of the charity, contribute to the writing of information leaflets, and try my best to help keep our website as up-to-date and informative as I can!