SMA Awareness Month 2022

August is SMA Awareness Month and there are lots of ways which you can join in! From sharing social media posts to organising a fundraiser, help us to have as big an impact as possible for those affected by SMA.

Summer 'Solve It' for SMA

We're asking our supporters to organise a fun treasure hunt this August to raise funds and to spread the word about SMA during Awareness Month. We have put together a pack with some ideas on how you can organise a treasure hunt in your home, garden, local park or anywhere you like! Your Summer 'Solve It' pack also includes balloons, bunting, a collection box and leaflets about SMA.

When you order your Fundraising pack, you'll also be able to set up an online fundraising page so that your guests can choose to make donations online if they wish. This is a great activity to organise over the summer holidays and there's no fundraising target - just have fun and raise as much as you can.

Click here to order your Free Fundraising Pack and get started!

Set up a Monthly Gift to SMA UK

Our Regular Givers are a vital part of the charity and together they contribute over £25,000 each year through their monthly donations.  These donations are so important because they help us to keep our services running and to plan for the future. You can set up a Monthly Gift to SMA UK for any amount you like and if you sign up for a gift of £5 a month or more during August 2022 you will receive one of our SMA Teddies as a Thank You!

Click here to set up a Regular Gift to SMA UK

Buy an SMA UK Pin Badge

By wearing one of our pin badges during Awareness Month you can help to let as many people as possible know about SMA and encourage them to find out more about how they can support our cause. These are available from our online shop now for just £3 plus postage. Don't forget to get a selfie with your badge and tag us using #SMAawareness!

Click here to buy your Pin Badge

Share Your Story this Awareness Month

If you would like to take part in Awareness Month by sharing your SMA story then we'd love to hear from you! This could be sharing your thoughts in writing or by recording a short video clip about a topic which has affected you, or perhaps you have an idea about how we can reach as many people as possible during the campaign?

Please contact to let us know how you can help.

Thank you!