Upcoming Events

This page is continually being updated - see below for:

  • SMA Social - virtual social nights for adults who have SMA 
  • Living with SMA - virtual events hosted by the SMA Community, providing useful tips, recommendations, personal stories and Q&As
  • Health and Wellbeing - virtual webinars and talks hosted by healthcare professionals 

SMA Social

Every two weeks, Martyn, Jordanne, Jack, Josh and Becca host a virtual social event on Zoom for adults who have SMA on a Sat evening at 8pm.

Saturday 15th August - Cards Against Humanity (Online)

How dark is your sense of humour? To begin we will set up a room for up to 10 players and 10 spectators! If we have any more people, we can set up a secondary room!

Saturday 29th August - Virtual pub night!

Bring your fave pub snacks and drinks (alcoholic or non!). We will choose from a selection of online pub games or just have a chat. Good opportunity to meet new people.

Saturday 12th September - 00s themed quiz!!

Dress up optional (much like the good 'ole SMA conference weekends!). Rounds based on 00s TV, music, film, sports and more.

Saturday 26th September - Poker

Details TBC

Living with SMA

This Autumn we have lots of different hosts from across the SMA Community delivering live Zoom Webinars and Meetings and answering your questions.  These live sessions are for everyone to get involved in.  Please sign up here to secure your place.

Monday 21st September - Workplace Skills

Emma Vogelmann & Jack Hassan will be talking about their own experience of the workplace and answering your questions.

Wednesday 23rd September – Disability Rights / The Equality Act

Emma Vogelmann is a freelance writer, public speaker, blogger, rights activist, law graduate and is also a Trustee for the Disability Law Service.  Tonight Emma will be discussing Disability Rights and answering your questions.

Monday 28th September – Preparing for University

Becca Torricelli & Emma Vogelmann will be talking about how to find the right course, accommodation, putting a care package in place, lectures, seminars, social life and plenty more.

Friday 2nd October – The Usefulness of Tech

Julian Fiorentini will be discussing all things tech related, including how to get your home set up right and sharing some useful tips.

Wednesday 7th October – Children and Becoming a Parent

Molly Carnan & Julian Fiorentini will be talking about disability and parenting, sharing their own stories and answering your questions.

Monday 12th October – Getting the Most from your Personal Budget

Becca Torricelli and Jack Hassan will be giving you an insight in to how they manage their budgets and offering some helpful advice on personal health budgets and personal budgets for social care. 

Tuesday 27th October – Getting Involved with Paralympic Sport

Josh Wintersgill is on the Great Britain Air Rifle Talent and Development Squad and will be talking about why he loves this sport and how you can get involved.


Date TBC – PARENTS! Ask us anything?

Parents, please come and join Jordanne Wozencroft and Joshua Wintersgill, two young adults who have SMA would very much like to answer your questions and share their experiences of growing up and living with SMA.

Health and Wellbeing

Our Health and Wellbeing virtual webinars and talks are all hosted by healthcare professionals, to provide you with the latest advice and information from across the UK.  Following a succesful first series of webinars discussing access to nusinersen and virtual assessements, our second series will begin very soon and will be advertised here.

Watch webinars that have already taken place