Who responded to the SMA Screening Survey (UK)


During the ten months of data collection, a total of 337 surveys were completed. 191 of these were ‘hard copy’ (postal) completions (19% of the 1,000 surveys that were posted out) and 146 were completed online:

Table 1: Participants in the SMA Screening Survey (UK) By Gender
Table 2: Participants in the SMA Screening Survey (UK) by SMA Type


  • More women than men completed the survey (75% were female Vs 25% male)
  • Just under half (49%) reported they were age 35-55 age bracket
  • Most were parents (82%)
  • Only a small proportion were currently pregnant, or currently trying to get pregnant (7.4%)
  • The majority reported having a religious faith (55%), with the most commonly reported religious faith being Christian (any denomination).
  • The sample was largely representative of the UK population in terms of ethnicity, with 81.9% reporting their ethnic group as ‘White British’
  • There was quite an even spread in terms of the Type of SMA affecting the family (see Table 2).