Contact With The Young Adults (18-25) Network

If you’re a teenager or young adult thinking about what to do next, or you’d like to hear how other young people have managed a particular challenge, such as, work experience at school, going to university, learning to drive etc., you may find it helpful to have contact with others in our Young Adults Network.

As a teenager / young adult (once we have your parent / guardian's consent) we can put you in email contact with young adults, aged 18 to 25, who would be pleased to talk with you and share their experiences. 

Here’s what one young person told us about her experience of contact:

"I feel so much more reassured about Uni, driving and my future in general. They all make me feel very inspired! I would urge anyone to try to have contacts with other people with SMA. Seeing as it isn’t that common and you don’t regularly have contact with anyone else with the disability, it can at times feel isolating. However, with these contacts I feel like I have ‘mentors’ who truly understand and want to help me, which is liberating on a physical and psychological level."

If you’re interested in having email contact with our Young Adults Network, please complete the form here.

Contact with members of our Young Adults Network is also an option if you’re the parent / guardian of a teenager or young adult. If this is the case, please email