The Great North Run for Abigail

30 January 2020

The Great North Run for Abigail

I was scared to complete the Great North Run in 2019 after a horrible attempt at it a few years earlier. When I finished on my previous attempt I vowed never to do it again as it was the hardest thing I'd ever done. However,  in 2019 I threw everything I had at it. I did so because this time I was running in memory of someone and in the hope that I could even in a small way help others. 

My cousin in law gave birth to a beautiful girl named Abigail and after a few months her parents Amy and Dan were told that Abigail had type 1 SMA. At just 8 months old Abigail passed away. Her older brother and younger sister,  thankfully, do not have the condition. Before Abigail was diagnosed the family had never heard of SMA. 

I can't begin to understand how incredibly painful it is for Abigail's parents, brother and sister. I wanted to help them but I didn't know how. I figured if I could raise some money in memory of Abigail and help to raise awareness of SMA that would be something. So that's when I signed up for Great North Run for Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK. 

When I was running that day and things got tough I thought about Abigail. I thought about all people affected by SMA and it pushed me on. I thought how that, in part, I might be helping someone, someday, somewhere. 

So when I'd completed the run and managed to raise the money I had there was no question about doing it again. Only this time I want to raise more money. 

Last year I did a bake sale with a raffle, cake deliveries,  lucky number games and also had a sponsorship page to encourage people to donate.

This year I'm planning on all those above plus I've created a snack box at work with a suggested donation of 50p per item. I've been given a huge unicorn teddy to do "guess the name of the unicorn" and I've still got my thinking cap on for some more ideas 

If you would like to join Hazel and be part of the SMA UK Great North Run team please click here.

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