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New Research Findings – The Amino Acid Diet (Webinar, Dec 2022)

Dr Graeme O’Connor (Research Lead for Dietetics at Great Ormond St Hospital) discusses the results of a recent pilot project, and the implications this may have for others, with Michaela Hollywood (a community member who has SMA Type 2).

Does Electrical Muscle Stimulation have an impact in SMA?

The electrical stimulation of muscles is thought to improve muscle weakness in some scenarios. What research is there into the impact for SMA?

Motor Unit Enlargement in People Who Have SMA

This four-year PhD-study, jointly funded by SMA UK and MDUK, aims to further understand this process and explore ways it might be addressed and improve treatment outcomes.


A £1.25million grant from the People’s Postcode Lottery has enabled our partnership with Duchenne UK and the Inclusionaries Lab at Liverpool University to create a “SMART Suit” for people living with neuromuscular conditions.

Basic Research

Taking place in the laboratory, this continues to play a key role in furthering our understanding of the cause and biology of SMA. Investigations have led to the identification of the most effective strategies for drug discovery.