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We share a whole range of experiences and thoughts from members of the SMA Community; being a parent who has SMA, driving a car and much more!

Luis Canto E Castro

Adult Voices

Family of four with two boys riding bikes, one boy has SMA Type 3 and is riding an adapted trike

Family Voices

Image shows two teenagers who are twins and who have SMA.

Teenage and Young Adult Voices

We would love to hear from you if you want to write about an experience, send us photos or take part in a podcast or video.

We take care that anything we publish contains accurate up-to-date information about SMA and doesn’t refer to controversial treatments or research. We’re also careful not to publish any negative statements about any individuals or organisations or mention names of anyone who hasn’t already agreed to be included in the piece.

When we publish a new Community Voice, we let the Community know via social media and our monthly E-newsletter.

If you’d like to share your voice, please ring 01789 267520 or email