Walking the Great North Run for SMA UK

14 February 2020

Walking the Great North Run for SMA UK

Why did you decide to sign up to the Great North Run for SMA UK?

We decided to do the GNR because you asked us! We both like walking so I said as long as we don’t have to run we’ll do it. Help for today, hope for tomorrow. 10 years ago we had never heard of Spinal Muscular Atrophy - now it’s part of our lives.  

What did you enjoy about taking part?

The size of it! 55,000 people creates a synergy that has to be experienced. The singing as you go thought the underpass, thousands of people who don’t know each other spurring everyone on through song and a common goal, helping others. It puts you on a high and before you know it there’s the finishing straight and the crowds clapping your efforts as though you were their part of their own family. I still felt high days later. The sense of achievement is fulfilling.

How did you find raising sponsorship? Were you pleasantly surprised at the generosity of those you asked or was it harder than you thought?

We did not expect the level of sponsorship we achieved and the encouragement for our endeavour. We thought a few friends and family would contribute and maybe we would raise a couple of hundred pounds but a total of £1354 amazed us. Social media helps and contact fund raising organisations/Clubs such as Round Table, Lions and Rotary.  Our local St Neots Round Table donated £500.

Would you recommend taking on the Great North Run for SMA UK to others?

Try it! You don’t have to run it, we finished in just under 4 hrs without running one step, and still finished ahead of several thousand. If a gentleman using a walking frame can do it so can you.  Watching him on the finishing straight was inspiring.  If you decide to enter you do get a useful training pack and you should commit to train, the better equipped you are the more you will enjoy it and have less aches after!  The whole event is superbly organised. Go on, do it, do it for those that can’t. 

Patrick Reynolds, age 69

Dot Reynolds, age 68

P.S. invest in good trainers and proper socks!