SMA Awareness Month 2022

18 July 2022

SMA Awareness Month 2022

Join us during August to help raise funds and awareness of SMA!  

This month, we'll be shining a spotlight on SMA, how we work with and support the SMA Community, and how you can support our activities:  

Week 1: Support and information  

The complex issues that families and individuals can face when having received an SMA diagnosis or living with SMA can sometimes be challenging. Providing emotional and practical support to everyone living with SMA is vital. When individuals and families are faced with a myriad of information, we make sure that it's as clear and accurate as possible. 

Week 2: Treatment and innovative research  

The gradual worldwide introduction of ground-breaking drug treatments since 2016 has been very welcome. Ongoing clinical trials and innovative research remain as important as ever - we continue to keep the Community as informed as possible about this and access to treatment in the UK.

Week 3: The SMA Community  

Community networks open up opportunities to connect and share experiences, tips and ideas, where we can listen, learn and advocate on issues that are current and important to the SMA Community. Building strong and relevant partnerships with organisations has a greater impact and gives us a stronger voice.   

Week 4: Community Issues & Advocacy Work 

Working closely with healthcare professionals, other charity groups, regulatory bodies and health organisations is pivotal to be able to provide key information about SMA, and wider disability community issues, to help support families and individuals.   

How to get involved