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Martyn, who has SMA, shares his top tips:

Image shows an adult man sitting in his wheelchair, next to his female partner.Many of you will know I’m a bit addicted to travel. It was a dream to see the world for my work, and after lots of trying, I managed it. I’ve blogged, presented and consulted with many accessible tourism organisations, as well as writing a book about my global adventures.

One of the biggest challenges has been managing my care abroad. My first independent trip was to Australia in 2005. This involved 2 PAs and lots of problem solving.

Just this summer, almost 15 years later, I learned of yet more ways to manage this need.

In July, I visited Croatia and I tried something interesting care-wise to share with you now.

Through some research, we found a local Croatian care agency. I’m allowed to spend my Personal Budget on anything care related, so this covered their fees for a daily call. The guy was nice, fun, capable and everything worked like a dream.

You see at home I have PAs coming and going. Abroad this isn’t so easy, meaning my partner has to usually do everything. Which can take its toll. Using a local PA to get me ready each morning made our holiday much calmer and enjoyable.

Image shows two men, both wheelchair users, sitting outside a zoo.Then in August I travelled to Tenerife as an ‘influencer’. This meant an arrangement with an accessible travel company which paid for me to share my experiences of their accessible holidays. In seeing it first-hand I realised the power of their services. Not only do they support people in choosing the right place, vetting suitability in the destinations, and arranging any equipment; they have care support packages.

Some people may be quite independent (physically or through the others they travel with), meaning the travel company staff are there to help with little things. Other people may just want the company to arrange 24/7 care, even with support in flying. Which is possible too.

When I’m not with my partner / family, and not with an accessible travel company providing care, I always employ my own PA.

Sometimes I’ve known them for years. Sometimes I recruit them just for a trip. Either way, to travel totally independently, having a PA 24/7 is vital.

Image shows a group of people, adults and children, in a restaurant.The arrangement with PAs varies from me paying their expenses personally, with them earning the assigned care budget, or them paying back their own expenses from the care work income and enjoying a great experience with me for little / no cost. It’s totally dependent on the person and the terms of your budget.

I hope these ideas are helpful to you when thinking of future holidays. I’m aware it might have created more questions than answers!

If you want to know more, please browse my website: where you can read all about the Croatian trip and find out how to get a digital copy of my travel book. If after that you still have questions, feel free to message me on social media. Happy travels!

First published: September 2019