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Image shows a young adult, who has SMA, sitting in his wheelchair in his office, giving a thumbs up.Being in a wheelchair and living with SMA comes with many challenges, but one massive plus in my life over the last two years has been starting a new role as a Safetycam Reports Technician and being in an office environment.

Being employed has given me so much independence, confidence and knowledge, as well as a new understanding of the adult world.

Just the small things, like getting to know colleagues and having office banter, has really improved my social skills. Plus having that monthly income as a reward of everything I do gives me a huge boost!

I’d definitely encourage others to try this type of job if they have the opportunity. As well as building life skills, it can help to change some of the stereotypes attached to disabled people and show that work isn’t just for the able-bodied.

First published September 2021