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Josh Wintersgill 30, and Maxwell McKnight, 18 who both have Spinal Muscular Atrophy will race each other up Snowdon to raise £100k.

Josh was told once by a friend that it was a shame that he couldn’t “just go on a hike with them,” and this encouraged Josh to do everything he could to actually make that happen! 

As a child, Josh was raised to ‘know no bounds’, barriers were always seen as a challenge to relish. Josh’s favourite mantra comes from his Nan “Put can’t in your pocket and pull out try”.  

So, in 2021, he purchased an all-terrain wheelchair to do just that! The X8 manufactured by Magic Mobility offers, 

freedom you’ve always wanted…perfect for outdoor adventurers, explorers and rural workers. If the great outdoors is where you want to be, the Extreme X8 is waiting to take you there.” 

However, it soon became apparent that whilst Josh had the right kit to take him on these “inaccessible” routes, what was stopping him was something else entirely. 

One of his first climbs was to be Pen-y-Fen in Wales but after arriving, he found that the only pathway in that he could use had a stile and a locked gate! To Josh’s frustration, the irony in purchasing an all-terrain wheelchair to make the inaccessible outdoors accessible, was still found to be inaccessible because of a man-made structures. He was told he would have to email a few weeks in advance to get the gate open. 

Josh did return and climbed Pen-y-Fen a few months later and has been spurred on to highlight the issues surrounding the “inaccessible” outdoors and the campaign, Know No Bounds is set to do just that! 

The challenge – #KnowNoBounds 

This is a climb with a difference! Challenging Josh in a race to the top of Snowdon is Maxwell Mcknight to make the event even more exciting! 

It will take between 10-15 people per team to assist Josh and Maxwell to the top of Snowdon; with the teams carrying the necessary kit and equipment such as batteries, portable ramps, food, medical equipment, tyres and more. Taking on the Llanberis Path, they will be climbing 14.5km in total with an ascent of 1085m. 

14KG per paramedic bag, 46 KG per chair for batteries

Given Josh’s and Maxwell’s condition SMA, the weakness in the hands, arms and neck will make this challenge all the more difficult.

Josh Wintersgill 30, and Maxwell McKnight, 18.

#KnowNoBounds campaign has two main objectives; 

  1. To raise awareness and highlight the need to make our outdoors more accessible for people with disabilities in partnership with The Ramblers Association. 
  2. All funds raised will give other individuals living with SMA the opportunity to explore the great outdoors as well as support SMA UK, who’s work ensures that everyone affected by SMA will have access to the best care, support and treatment and there will be no barriers preventing full inclusion in society.  
  • £25,000: Could purchase a new all-terrain X8 wheelchair 
  • £50,000: Could purchase two all-terrain X8 wheelchairs 
  • £75,000: Could purchase two all-terrain X8 wheelchairs and help fund an activity weekend for adults and children living with SMA 
  • £100,000: Could purchase two all-terrain X8 wheelchairs and help fund two activity weekends for adults and children living with SMA

The campaign is being supported by SMA UK, Lifestyle and Mobility, Sunrise Medical, The Ramblers Association and JOST Explore.

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