International Standards of Care for SMA

Page last updated 26th June 2019.

Launched today, the adult and family-friendly guide to the 2017 International Standards of Care for SMA (SoC) is now available. The SoC were agreed on by a committee of international healthcare and patient experts. They describe what assessments and interventions families and adults should expect to find in any neuromuscular
centre anywhere.

You can access the UK version via the Treat-NMD website, here.

SMA UK was pleased to have been a very active member of the international group that worked on this project and thanks all the people who have generously allowed their photos to enrich this UK version. It will now be translated and made available globally. Each country will be able to choose their own photos.

This user-friendly guide summarises the key recommendations outlined in these two scientific articles published in November 2017:

The new standards were discussed at a workshop in November 2018 attended by our Clinical Care Research Correspondent Dr Alex Murphy. You can read his summary here.

The new SoC replace the original Standards of Care 2007 which were published as a family-friendly version in 2008. 

How The Original Standards of Care Were Established