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Last updated: April 2024

On the next page we outline what benefits you may be entitled to.

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This section briefly covers the different possible routes to getting health and social care support and how this links in with education support.

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If you provide regular unpaid physical or emotional support to a family member, you are a carer. Your health and well-being is important.

There are a number of ways that carers can claim and receive financial and other support.

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The organisations below give a wide range of information about the schemes and grants  available.  Browse to see what support you and your family might be able to get. You

Other useful organisations

  • TaxAid – a charity that helps people on low incomes when they get into difficulties with their tax affairs.
  • Step Change – a charity offering free online debt advice and support.

A number of charities provide grants. Who qualifies for a grant and what charities will fund varies. It may change depending on how big the fund is that they can give away.

Funding for Equipment on this page outlines what information you will need to apply for a grant from a charity

Wish Granting Charities on this page – lists a number we know of.

There may be other grant possibilities. Please contact the SMA UK’s Support and Outreach Team if you need a grant to see if we can help you to find charities that may assist you.

Many parents find that one or both have to adjust their paid work commitments to manage their caring responsibilities. Our page Support for Carers covers what rights you may have as well as other possible avenues of support.

England, Scotland and Wales – people pay Council Tax:

If your home has been adapted or has features that are needed because someone with a disability lives there, you could get a reduction on your Council Tax bill. For example, this could be because you have an extra bathroom or kitchen, or extra space to use a wheelchair indoors. If your home is eligible, your Council Tax will be reduced to the band below, or by one-sixth if you are in the lowest band.

There is no set test to decide who is eligible for this, so you will need to contact your local council to find out more. They may ask you for a letter from your GP.

Council tax may be reduced for other reasons. See:

Northern Ireland – people pay rates:

If you are on a low income, you may be able to get help with paying your rates through the Rate Relief Scheme or, for Universal Credit claimants, through a rate rebate. See: