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The Disabled Children’s Partnership (DCP Campaign), of which SMA UK is a member, is developing a new campaign to show the difference the right support from social care can make for disabled children and their families.

They want to share the stories of families with disabled children, showing positive experiences with the care sector and giving the reality of how families navigate it.

Their approach will focus on short “vlogs” – self-shot videos documenting certain day-to-day activities where social care helps in ways many people may not even realise. These activities can include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Your morning routine and how support helps
  • Your bedtime routine and how support helps
  • What it takes to take the family to the park or visit family and how support helps
  • Accessing support such as short breaks/respite
  • Instances where care support helps your family that others may not be aware of

The goal is to capture your reality, an honest portrayal of your experience, and in doing so also illustrate the important impact that having support in place can have on these activities.

Find out more here 

You don’t need to worry about editing the videos etc – they will do that, and will make sure you are happy with the final version before sharing anything publicly.

The deadline to submit your vlog is flexible, but videos shared by Friday 22nd September would be most welcome.

They’ve set up a drop box where you can upload your videos, or they can be emailed to