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Take part in a gaming marathon or skills or creative contest and get sponsored to raise money for SMA UK!  Will you be one of the first to receive a Game for Gain medal?

Or if you want to do something different, how about getting sponsored to give up Gaming for a week?

How does Game for Gain work?

The first thing you need to do is set yourself a challenge – this could be a gaming endurance marathon or perhaps a skills or creative contest.  Can you master a tricky task in your favourite game or build a skyscraper in a day?

Or will you choose to give up Gaming for a couple of days, a week or even a month?

Let everyone know what you are attempting and then they can sponsor you.

You can either set up a Livestream or can just game at home and keep your sponsors updated with how you are getting on. Whatever you decide to do, we would love to hear about it and share it, so please let us know what you are planning.

How can I get involved?

  1. Go to this page and click on Start Fundraising
  2. Sign Up to JustGiving or login if you already have an account
  3. Select ‘a personal streaming / gaming event’ from the Event Type options and follow the instructions to set up your fundraising page
  4. Go to Edit your page where you can add more information on your event
  5. If you decide to Live Stream your event then click on Media and then Live Stream Settings to link up your fundraiser with your Twitch account.  If you need tips on setting up a Livestream then you can find more information by clicking here.
  6. Let people know what you are doing by sharing your page on Social Media before, during and after the challenge!

Thank You!