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Becci lives in South Wales and joined the team at SMA UK in 2022 as a Support and Outreach Worker.

Both Becci’s mother and younger brother have SMA, as did extended family members on her mother’s side; she has over 40 years’ experience of SMA and of being a young carer and adult carer.

Becci’s family have experienced initial diagnosis of SMA, through to the reclassification of type due to genetic advancements. Becci also has experience of the implications of comorbidity as her brother has rheumatoid arthritis.

Becci’s experiences led her into a professional career of health and social care, which spans allied therapies, rehabilitation, and social work. Becci also has experience of leading a multi-disciplinary health and social team.

Becci has seen and experienced how important mechanisms for support are to both physical and mental wellbeing and is now able to use both her personal and professional experience to support those affected by SMA.