Treatments Funded by the NHS
in the UK

Page last updated: 30th May 2022

NHS funded treatment for SMA is potentially available for children, young people and adults who have SMA.

Anyone wanting to access treatment must meet residency and any other conditions that affect their rights to access specialised NHS treatment. The rules governing this are complex so if you are not certain about your rights, ask your GP or the Treatment Centre you hope to attend. If you are not currently resident in the UK, please see Question 3 on this page for advice.

There are also eligibility criteria for each specific treatment.

We discuss each treatment including more detailed aspects and FAQs about access agreements and clinical trials results in these website sections:

Who may have access where?

Access agreements and what treatment is possible varies between UK countries. The website sections below should help you find out which treatment might be possible for you / your child.

Nusinersen (Spinraza™)

Risdiplam (Evrysdi™)

Onasemnogene abeparvovec (Zolgensma™) 

Our summary guides may be useful, even if you live elsewhere:

Our thanks to leading health experts who talk with community member Mia Myers about progress with treatments for children and adults and explore other related questions: