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Helen Rutherford

Helen: My Journey into Becoming a Therapist

Helen, who has SMA Type 2, shares her personal experiences and the journey she went on that led her to becoming a therapist and developing her counselling service.

Image shows a young adult, who has SMA, sitting in his wheelchair in his office, giving a thumbs up.

Andy: New Beginnings

Andy shares his experiences of getting a new job – joining an office as a Safetycam Reports Technician.

Image shows an adult man, who has SMA, sitting in his wheelchair. He's wearing jeans and a blue shirt.

Ross – Personal Budgets and Managing a Work / Life Balance

How Ross increased his personal budget and shifted his work / life balance to be more manageable.

Image shows an adult man, who has SMA, sitting in his wheelchair and smiling at the camera. He's wearing a dark grey jumper.

Jack – Flexible Working and a Master’s Degree

How the pandemic led Jack to flexible working and how he’s enjoying living back up in Manchester and doing a master’s degree.

Ben Morris

Ben’s Experiences of Lockdown at University

Ben is 20. A Broadcast journalism student at Winchester University, he shared in the Guardian newspaper about his experiences of campus lockdown during the Covid pandemic in 2020-2021.

Image shows an adult man, sitting in his powerchair, at his graduation. He's wearing black and red robes, and a mortarboard.

Josh’s Route To Self-Employment

Josh talks about leaving college, going through university, getting his first job, and starting his own business.