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Karol is a cheerful 2-year-old with SMA Type 1! His mother, Magda, applied to SMArt Moves 1.1 for help funding a Panthera Micro wheelchair, although they had a Wheelchair Services voucher, they still faced an outstanding balance.

SMArt Moves stepped in to cover the remaining costs, paying the supplier directly. Thanks to this support, Magda could order Karol’s new wheelchair! Here’s what Magda had to say:

“I am absolutely happy and grateful for the incredibly massive help Karol received to get his first wheelchair. A year ago, he was so weak that he couldn’t even sit, roll, or touch his toes. Now, he is able to move around in his wheelchair! Since receiving his new wheelchair, Karol is doing brilliantly. He absolutely loves his wheelchair. His arms and hands are getting stronger, and everyone is so impressed with how easily he navigates narrow spaces and spins, even going backward is lots of fun! We are taking his Panthera to friends’ houses so he can move independently and play with friends. Thank you so much for making this possible, and for the huge support from Jo when applying.”

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