November's Supporters of the Month

20 November 2015

November's Supporters of the Month

This month we would like to congratulate and thank Raj Peshawaria and Priti Limbachia for their wonderful support over the years. Raj and Priti have been supporting us for over 10 years raising money from abseils to samosa sales and we are so grateful to have their continued support. 

Raj shares some of his personal fundraising highlights below:

“Guys Tower Abseil – This ranks as one of the most challenging events, not because of the height factor but from a personal point of view. We had previously spent considerable time at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital before Rishi was born. Knowing the abseil was being held here, this held real significance for me, it took a lot of courage to head back there. However, I just had to purely from the aspect of raising vital funds for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

To celebrate Priti’s birthday, a fantastic idea was put forward in which some local businesses were asked to donate some prizes as part of a raffle and in turn, guests were asked to pay an entrance fee instead of buying a birthday present.

ArcelorMittal Abseil – Returning to scale the heights once more, this proved to be another successful event. Whilst we have always been very fortunate that within the families, people have been incredibly generous, I must say a special thanks to my work colleagues who all joined together in kindly sponsoring me. The moment this event was announced, I knew I had to enrol once again. Fantastic day out, weather was perfect and managed to meet some lovely people!

Samosa Sale – Each year in the month of September, Wells Fargo hold a series of one day events which are designed to raise vital funds for charitable causes. My middle brother, Manish, who works at Wells Fargo kindly sponsored this event in return for all proceeds to go towards Rishi and Shiv’s Angel Fund. A very successful 2 hours generated a fantastic amount.

Camp Compass Academy – This organisation in America is a non- profit programme designed for urban, disadvantaged youths. The children involved are helped with life through a structured programme fostering self-esteem, providing role models and influencing positive choices. This organisation had advertised through a recruitment firm for someone to assist with helping with their website. My eldest brother, Nilesh who lives in Los Angeles, volunteered his time as opposed to taking any payment and in return, Camp Compass donated towards Rishi and Shiv’s Angel Fund!

Chari-Tea – This event is being organised at home by Priti on the 6th of December in celebration of Rishi’s birthday on the 7th of December. Guests will be invited for afternoon tea and cakes (being made by Priti) and the guests will be donating a fee per person which will go towards the Angel Fund.

I’m already looking at different ideas for next year, one being a mountain trek, either Mount Kilimanjaro or the Himalayas.”

Well done Raj and Priti!